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Step outside your door and look

Summer is arguably not the best season for landscape photographers. Sunset and sunrise shoots are for the really committed snappers, trying both consecutively leaves very little sleep.

Also, the landscape can be a little featureless with the light somewhat too contrasty, but stop complaining and look. There are always good images any time and place. My life long mantra has always been when asked where is the best place to take great images? "step outside your door and look"

The following are some of my recent images from the last 4 months:

Early spring in a valley of Black Mountains, a heavy frost reflects the glow of sunrise.

Three Cliffs Bay near Swansea. A grey day delivers soft light in this estuary.

Looking down from the wall of Graig Goch Dam. The early morning sun highlighting the shoreline of the reservoir.

Wild Garlic signals Springtime: at last...

Another Springtime spectacle – bluebell woods near Crickhowell

Early summer evening – after a grey day the afterglow from the set sun reflects off the cloud base and paints the landscape in a subtle mauve.

The Elan Valley – one of my favourite locations for exploring, hiking and taking images.

Welsh Lamb – hello :-)

Hay Bluff "against the odds" – nautical twilight with a waxing crescent moon.

Misty morn...

Thank you for getting this far, I hope you enjoyed my images, please leave your comments or ask any questions below.

Copyright © Peter Corbett 20th July 2021.

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