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As an early admirer of Ansel Adams beguiling black and white photographs, I adopted his "Zone System" technique of image making for my own landscape work. I migrated from a chemical darkroom to digital in the early days of inkjet printing and today continue as a dedicated digital image maker - landscape is , and always has been my passion. 


From the practice of image capture, I have always believed, and indeed, worked from initial vision to composition, with a final print in mind, I consider it my artistic responsibility to articulate the seen image through to the final print.

After a lifetime of fixing, making, selling and managing I was done with going to work, at least, in the conventional sense. I retired from all of that and moved to South Africa in 2003 to pursue my quest - to  become a professional fine art photographer.


My break came when I met a remarkable photographer called *Martin Osner; I started printing for Martin and other talented photographers in Cape Town and beyond. Very soon after I opened my own Gallery selling my work to the myriad of   international and South African visitors who came to the beautiful fishing village known as **Hout Bay near Cape Town.

All things change in life and circumstances led to the decision for me to return to the UK. I reluctantly closed my gallery and Studio in Cape Town and arrived in the UK  in April 2018. I have recently settled in the Town of Hay on Wye on the border of South Wales - what better countryside is there for a landscape photographer to explore and start a new adventure, creating, printing and selling my work here in the UK.

If you are interested in some of my photographic adventures and work I did in South Africa, please visit my Blog.

*Martin Osner - I am represented by Martin in his Cape Town Gallery

**Hout Bay shown here in this image taken from Chapmans Peak Drive. My home for 15 years and the location of my Printing Studio & Gallery until April 2018.

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Sept 2018

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