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Peter Corbett Fine Art Photographic Gallery

Peter Corbett Fine Art Photography - Harvest Centre Hout Bay

In September 2011 I occupied my new space—my future gallery. I already knew which images I wanted on display and exactly how I wanted them framed. It didn’t take long to make the decision to do my own framing – my fledgling gallery was used for making frames and mounting my images and it was quickly filled with benches tools and other framing gear: a workshop, or a gallery?

I had no choice to be “open” as my entrance is shared. As visitors’ wandered around navigating my workbenches, cartons and other paraphernalia looking at my images in various states of completeness, I tried to concentrate on my new craft of framing and at the same time engage with my curious guests.

I completed the first 26-framed images in early December, designed and engineered the hanging system and the phase one of my gallery was on show for Christmas. To have one’s work framed and on permanent show for the first time after 50 years of photography is both daunting and incredibly exciting.

Since I opened the response and interest has been truly enormous and beyond my expectations. Soon my Printers will join me here in the Gallery space where I can bring together my whole concept of Fine Art Photography and Printing.

The current display is from my recent portfolio 2007 – 2013 with images from South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Please come and visit me at The Harvest Centre Harbour Road Hout Bay - next to the Bay Market

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