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Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Why would a landscape photographer want to visit Namibia? Well for a start have a look at the images on-line, shot by the most eminent photographers, especially Dune 45 and the Acacia trees in the dead vlei at Sossusvlei

I recently read a comment by a well-known international photographer (to remain  anonymous) who said he did his duty and got up at 4:30 am to get to Dune 45 for sunrise, he subsequently displayed his not-too-shabby images on the Internet. But, his comment “I did my duty” carried, for me, the wrong message for a photographer.

I did my first trip to Namibia from my home in Cape Town in September this year and with the latter comment still in my mind almost decided to give Dune 45 a miss, after all everybody has done it. Besides the rest of Namibia is worthy of my photographer’s eye.

Well I failed on two counts; (or I gained on two counts) I did go to Sossusvlei and Dune 45, I also went to the famous Ghost Town of Kolmanskop just outside Luderitz on the way - which I will post separately.

I too “did my duty” and reached Dune 45 before sunrise, and I did climb it - as the sun was rising - here is my friend and photographer John It was about – 2 degrees at 6:30 am.

The area is difficult to describe, even with photographs because it’s been done so much. For me, someone who feels at home in the landscape, chasing the light for images was sensory pleasure just to take in the sheer beauty of the place. The age of the dunes alone spins the mind.

I took this shot of a petrified sand dune (above), ossified, because its undergone a billion year metamorphosis from sand to rock and that humbling experience alone was worth my visit

We then went to the famous Dead Vlei at Sossusvlei just in time to catch the mid day sun at about a mild 38 degrees (you know man dogs and Englishmen...) John and I had about 1/12 hour’s to ourselves.

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