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Gallery Upgrade - Peter Corbett Fine Art Photography - Hout Bay Cape Town.

Three years ago I opened my Gallery; well it was really something of a workshop as I started framing my own images in my newly acquired space.

Curious potential customers had to navigate benches, tools and piles of framing materials. Many images semi-finished, on the floor, propped up by whatever was available, evan a few on semi-hangers on the wall.

Photographs seen on a computer screen are very different to a large image printed on the very best fine art paper, exquisitely framed and hung in the correct light.

The reason why museums and exhibitions remain in such demand is that one can never appreciate a photograph, painting, artefact or object d’art on the Internet. As human beings it’s built into our very core to interact with the external world, we appreciate and revere tangible objects and yearn to decorate our homes with art, which is in essence an extension of our imagination.

As an artist and photographer it is therefore a natural extension to my creative work to own and operate a dedicated gallery to display and sell my images – to sell or pass on ones creation implies appreciation of ones work by the recipient. The reward in the form of a contribution to ones livelihood completes the cycle, strokes the ego, and soothes the soul.

 Its been an incredible three years and I would like to thank the thousands of visitors to my gallery and also the clients who have bought my images.

As a result of the latter three years experience, I believe my work as a photographer has reached another level: as a artist I have reached much further into my creativity, I see more, envisage more, and am more patient with myself and what is often about to unfold.

So in the winter it was time to take care of my gallery and invest in a "facelift" - new lights, redesigned hanging system for the very "complex" raw brick wall, change of colour and the floor refurbished. The result, well what you can see, or come down and experience first hand.

Peter Corbett - Gallery Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

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