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I was privileged to stay in a delightful shoreline cottage at Churchhaven for two days recently; I’ve been here a couple of times before to photograph this unique, beautiful place.

The problem is that as a day visitor one cannot access the National Park before and after daylight, these are crucial times for a landscape photographer – well it is for me - this, time I had no excuses!

The images here will be combined with some of my other Fine Art work and the body of work is entitled “Tranquility” which I intend for a themed exhibition at my Gallery later this year.

It seems many of the cottages in Churchhaven are weekend or holiday homes and as such deserted during the week. I wandered the lagoon shoreline at daybreak and sundown without seeing a soul, apart from the occasional rowing boat away in the distance.The light was sublime, in the mornings mist rolled in and out of the low tide as the heat from the early sun played in the cloud. In the two evenings I had, there was enough high cloud to reflect in the water and paint the continuously changing backdrop of the mauve sky.

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