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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

My new book TEN YEARS - SOUTH AFRICA, Photographic Memories 2008 - 2018 is now available to order in the UK and South Africa. This large landscape book includes over 230 high quality images, with descriptions and anecdotes compiled from 10 years travelling and photographing South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

For those who know me from my time in Hout Bay you may remember my gallery and printing studio, where images included in this book were on display. Many local and international visitors were kind enough to visit my gallery, appreciate my work, and buy my Fine Art Prints – the book is also perhaps a reminder to the residents of South Africa especially Hout Bay, of the beautiful place they live in.

The book took me over two years to complete; designing the layout, choosing images and the narrative. For me it is not simply a photographic record of those places displayed in the book. Its a story of my time in South Africa and of my travels through a small part of this vast continent including some of the places I visited and the adventures I encountered.

My plan was to visit Hout Bay this year during the Christmas holidays to launch my book, however the SA government has restricted travel from the UK due to COVID-19!

If you are interested in a copy it is on offer as a pre-order at the moment; please contact me via my website here: to discuss availability and shipping times.

Below is a selection of images from the 150 page book.

Click on an image to view the scroll though gallery.

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Peter, I thought that I would provide some feedback on your recent book, Ten Years - South Africa. I have many photography books that I really enjoy looking through to give me inspiration and visual therapy. Your book is on par with anything I have and truly illustrates your passion and expertise gained throughout your photographic journey over the years. Something that continues on to the present day, as seen on your website. The composition and interpretation of the scenes shown throughout the book are presented to such a high standard. The visual content and compositional elements of every image are a pleasure to view and study as a photographer and I thank you for sharing your journey wit…

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