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Return to the Basics - New Techniques in Black & White

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Since I converted to digital some 18 years ago almost all my work has been processed and displayed in colour. In fact my last serious work done in B&W was in preparation for my LRPS distinction in 2001 - these 10 images (not these) were scans of negs then printed with an Epson 1200 using Lyson B&W Inks.

Good photographers are always seeking projects (well they should), either shooting subjects, or processing images in order to push their own boundaries and learn new techniques. With this in mind I have been exploring some different B&W processing methods and printing output software.

I have removed the B&W images from my website, reprocessed some old ones and added some new; more will be added as I reprocess and shoot new images and convert. My B&W printing will also go through a complete revamp and a series of images will be produced for an exhibition I have planned for later this year - here are my latest iterations.

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I really admire the technical brilliance and sharpness of your images Peter. The long exposures of water are stunning.



Neville Lance
Neville Lance
Apr 06, 2019

As with all of your work Peter you have once again surpassed yourself - I really wish that I could be there to see this exhibition later this year - it is going to be amazing I am sure. Good luck all the way.

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