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Return to the Basics - New Techniques in Black & White

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Since I converted to digital some 18 years ago almost all my work has been processed and displayed in colour. In fact my last serious work done in B&W was in preparation for my LRPS distinction in 2001 - these 10 images (not these) were scans of negs then printed with an Epson 1200 using Lyson B&W Inks.

Good photographers are always seeking projects (well they should), either shooting subjects, or processing images in order to push their own boundaries and learn new techniques. With this in mind I have been exploring some different B&W processing methods and printing output software.

I have removed the B&W images from my website, reprocessed some old ones and added some new; more will be added as I reprocess and shoot new images and convert. My B&W printing will also go through a complete revamp and a series of images will be produced for an exhibition I have planned for later this year - here are my latest iterations.

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