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Hardap region - Namibia

Some images I rediscover. An image lies latent, encased in silicone memory, ostensibly forgotten. Then an obscure thought triggers a process and a once discarded scene fills my conciseness.

I woke at 4:0am with this image on my mind; within 6 hours it was printed; another few hours it was framed hanging in my Gallery.

It may be trivial but the memory of this moment  is significant to me. I was with my friend and fellow photographer John Botton in Namibia; it was August 2012. The image was taken with a Canon 100-400mm lens - an 8 (vertical) shot panorama. As I packed my gear I put the "large" lens hood on the fence post in front of me.

Hundreds of kilometres later I discovered the missing hood, I knew exactly where it was - its probably still there!

Hardap region - Great Namib Desert

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