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Raison d'être

Raison d'être - Part One

My (photographic) raison d'être (as anyone who knows me, and my work) has always been: "I don't photograph anything that moves or makes a noise!

Although this is just a little tongue-in-cheek as a landscape photographer it is essentially true. I have never been attracted to wild-life or people photography; not to say that I don't admire those who do, or their work.

Photography is so diverse, and perhaps surprisingly to none photographers, the techniques and the equipment that accompany the "black box" can be so very different for these different subjects that in order to cover the whole gamut one would need a lot of gear and diverse techniques  - therefore the practitioners tend to specialise, however...

During my recent visit to the Central Kalahari Botswana where I was thrust into the heart of Africa, the wildlife was impossible to ignore. The creatures are the landscape and vise versa, there is no separation, so I chose to use my limited experience and got totally absorbed: the following is a selection of my first attempt !

Oh if I have any identifications wrong please let me know. Some of the birds I don't know so please contribute.

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