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New Mono Work...

Ive been so busy with my new business - that little time has been spent on new work, also the weather has been pretty awful. However I managed to get out at the weekend with my fellow friend and photographer Sean Crawford, he invited me to be the back-marker on a Hay on Wye walking Festival hike. The weather held off until the last few kms, then down it came. Walking down the very last field - at about 45° - my right leg went from under me and my left stayed put "ouch, I mean OUCH" nice twisted ankle!

On Sunday feeling very sorry for myself hopping around the house I eventually sat down at my computer to do some work; I couldn't get into anything serious so i decided to do some editing - always good for the soul, at least mine.

I am still in my Black & White mood so I did these images, all shot in New Zealand last year.

This additional work can been seen in full aspect here:

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Sep 23, 2021

Appreciate you bblogging this


Truly inspirational and stunning work Peter, looking forward to the printing course end of February and thank you for the highly professional printing services you have provided me for my photography work. Your experience and sound constructive feedback is always appreciated. Mick

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